Flea and Tick Prevention for Cats

External parasites are a bother to every individual who owns a cat. Apart from the irritation, the fleas and ticks can also transmit diseases which can even be spread to humans. These parasites can cause physical harm to the cat. The injury may include severe skin problems, arthritis, depression, and laziness. Every cat owner must put efforts and plan of treating and preventing flea and tick infestation.

The most common flea is the cat flea which is highly adapted for sucking blood from not only feline species but also the canine and humans. Ticks also spread terrible diseases to the cats which are deadly if not treated early. Some of the disease associated with ticks is the Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Fleas are found in most places in the world, and their bites can be allergic to the cats. The antigens in the insect can cause hypersensitive reactions to the cats. Fleas make the cat miserable and pause a health hazard to both the cat and yourself. These pests can be treated and controlled by use of products containing organophosphates and pyrethrins that can be obtained over the counter. However, safer topical products are available, and you can get them from your veterinarian.
When your cat also comes into contact with the ticks, ticks infestation occurs. Cats that spend most time outdoors are at more risk of being infested by ticks. Ticks are seen on the cat's fur attached to the skin. They can appear puffy or as small growths. Ticks are responsible for transmission of diseases that affect different organ system. It is advisable to grasp the tick on the skin of the cat and pull gently using tweezers, and never with your bare hands. Topical products for ticks prevents attachment of new ticks and detaches the ticks already on the cat's skin. Ticks are killed by dipping, spraying or bathing the cat using appropriate products for killing organisms from the arachnid family.

It is vital to remember that apart from treating fleas and ticks on the cat, you also need to treat the cat's environment inside the house and the outside too. Indoor products contain ingredients that kill the eggs and larvae of these pests. They can come in powder form, liquid, shampoo or oral solutions. To know more about the different remedies visit this site  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flea_treatments . Read the labels on the medication to understand the method of application and dosage before using them on your cats.